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Ideal for Exotic Fluids

and/or Extreme Pressures

and Temperatures


Metal O’Rings are being utilized more extensively in all segments of industry as “static” seals.  They are comparatively unaffected by temperature, pressure, and corrosive mediums.  Rubber compound products and special synthetic products have helped in these areas but have basic limitations which Metal O’Rings greatly exceed.


The best static seal which will operate satisfactorily under extremes of temperature, pressure and corrosive media is the Metal O’Ring.


Metallic Seals, Inc. manufactures a complete line of Metal O’Rings which meets an infinite variety of extreme operational conditions.




While composition rings are useful in a wide variety of applications, Metal O’Rings fill a need where conditions of extreme temperature, pressure and corrosion exist.

The Construction and Finishing

of Metal O'Rings


Metal O’Rings are gaskets made from stainless steel, nickel alloys, inconel and a variety of alloys to control specific conditions.  They are manufactured to close dimensional tolerances to insure positive sealing in a variety ofapplications.  Metal O’Rings are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes, and offer a unique four-point seal.


Machining tolerances are more liberal for Metal O’Rings than for compound O’Rings.  Metal O’Rings can be manufactured in an infinite variety of sizes and shapes without expensive mold costs.

As a product, Metal O’Rings meet precise standards, and are subjected to rigid visual and dimensional inspection.   They may also be inspected by die-penetrant.  Metal O’Rings meet military and aircraft standards as well as individual customer requirements.


Applications of Metal O’Rings



Metal O’Rings are a superior static seal for extreme conditions of temperature, pressure and environment.


Metal O’Rings are used to solve sealing problems in many industries and applications:

·         Synthetic fiber  producing equipment

·         Cryogenic plant and


·         Oil refineries

·         Steam power plants

·         Hydraulic equipment


·         Aircraft applications

·         Nuclear applications

·         Plastic extrusion machinery

·         Die castings machinery




Metal O’Rings are used to seal:


·         Vapors and Gases (Oxygen, Hydrogen, Helium, Nitrogen,  etc.)

·         Steam or Water

·         Chemical & Acids

·         Oils & Solvents

·         Vacuums & Cryogenic



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